The infinite banking concept (IBC) is a system that enables individuals to become their own bankers. The system works by growing liquid cash value inside a specifically designed whole life insurance policy that allows borrowing funds against it, which can be used for covering major expenditures such as medical bills, college education, and financing investment opportunities.

Using the infinite banking concept eliminates the need to rely on the services of traditional banks, brokers and other lenders for procuring capital. It also comes with its unique set of benefits which can help to improve the finances of the user which includes: 

# Liquidity

In an infinite banking system, the cash value of your policy is liquid, which means that you are allowed to access it any time and for any reason. And there is no criteria to qualify to use your money. The cash flow benefits from an infinite banking system will let you have money at your disposal constantly.   

# Tax Benefits

Infinite banking concept offers a guaranteed death benefit that is free of tax deduction. In addition, it also offers tax-deferred growth, and tax-free policy loans and withdrawals. These are benefits unique to infinite banking loans that do come with other policies.

# Earn From Dividends

When you use an infinite banking system, there is a likely chance that your policy is managed by a mutual company. If this is the case, you can have an infinite cash flow from the dividends the managing mutual company pays you.

# Asset Protection

In many states, there are statutes in place that provide protection to the money in life insurance policies. If you happen to live in a state where such states are enacted, your funds will be protected from the reach of creditors.

# Growth From Increased Interest Rates

Your policy in an infinite banking system accrues interest at a rate of around 4 percent a year. Even when you borrow against the cash value of your policy, the growth from the interest rate will help to offset your credit. Further, if you have a policy that pays dividends, you may get an additional 2 to 3 percent of cash value growth.


For people who want to take absolute control of their finances and secure capital without having to deal with  the fees, requirements, and restrictions imposed by banks and other financial institutions, an infinite banking system is a great way to achieve financial liberty. It also comes with a set of beneficial features that help to improve the finances of users.

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